Portsmouth Murals

What a treat it is to participate in the annual event to raise funds for the Portsmouth Flood Wall Murals that’s held in the month of January, as different people participate each year. It is with honor that Living with a Cause/VFP fire systems participates as a supporter each year and this year was no exception when Larry Hisle was so kind to let Zach wear his World series ring as noted on another picture

Pictured left to right: Les Ward, Little Zach Ward, Larry Hisle, and Mike Gifford

Larry Hisle

First pictured, Major League Great Larry Hisle from Portsmouth Ohio shows his great spirit of friendship to Amy Gifford Miller, Larry Hisle, Kevin Miller, missing all the action Kevin Dean Miller, Zach Ward in front. The 2nd picture shows the teaching of Larry as he speaks to young people around the country. He allows them to put the ring on their finger and explains they too can wear one of these rings of some kind if they put dedication and heart into life, and always be a winner. Standing and hearing the voice of Larry this night was outstanding and the highlight of the night for me was to see Larry is still Living with causes for youth. Thanks Larry who also was an all American Basketball player, I know he and Al Oliver beat our team in basketball in the tournament. They were class acts. Both are still performing, hats off to you both. Portsmouth can be proud.

Reds in Town

If a smile continues in a child as Brayden it becomes contagious and someone else will smile. I ask, how many children has Mr. Red legs made smile? It is his job. Brayden Gifford the son of Michael Gifford and Crystal Cooley Gifford lives with a Cause as he participates in a parade. Little did he know Mr. Red legs would put a smile on his face and hug him.  Mr. Red legs keep hugging many kids need your hug, some don’t have the pleasure of anyone hugging them.

The reason for this picture is to create a file for the future for Brayden, our grandson a single grain of sand he will show his creation his grain of sand how when the Cincinnati Reds came to town and put a smile on his face.

Randy Nickels standing who lived with a cause increasing awareness of Baseball heroes

True heroes are hard to find in our world today. The two individuals Gene Bennett and Don Gullett riding in the Reds historical cart that carried many pictures to the mound are role models. Any young person following the path that the 2 of them have blazed will be on a path of success and honor. Gene said Don could pitch a fastball thru a car wash and never get it wet. Randy who has went to lengths to dig up information, buy relics of the past, pulling together many pieces of the puzzle for the parade. Mr. Gene Bennett a Reds member for 58 years was the Parade Grand Marshal in the 2012 parade with the Cincinnati Redlegs coming to town. This area is blessed with the talent that has come in past years to reach the highest pinnacle of the baseball world. Many World Series rings are on the fingers of men who went to school at our local schools. It speaks for itself to the players, coaches, and scouting of our region.

Mr. Gene Bennett spent 58 years with Cincinnati Reds and is in 9 Hall of fames including Copperstown. Gene loves gospel music @ LWAC Theatre.

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Branch Rickey

The Branch Rickey Legacy continues.

What a great day it was to stand with the distinguished Ohio State Representative Dr. Colonel (Retired Terry Johnson, who fought so hard against obstacles to allow this to happen. From our little unknown area of Scioto County, Ohio – Mr. Branch Rickey who signed Jackie Robinson into the major league Baseball ranks being the 1st black man into baseball. As Terry lived with a cause to accomplish this local highway in Scioto County is now Branch Rickey Highway. Branch is gone but not forgotten. Thanks to Al Oliver Baseball great and Gene Bennett who you have read his story also traveled with Terry to allow this to happen. Colonel Johnson made 2 trips to Iraq helping treat and support our troops and Country.

Terry is a hero himself living with a Cause supports you. (2014)

Sharing & Caring @ Tracy Park

On August 8th, Living With A Cause held a sharing & caring event at Tracy Park in Portsmouth, Ohio.  There were food and games, gospel music, and community outreach.  During the event Living With A Cause gave away backpacks and supplies for children heading back to school in the fall.

Outreach @ Scioto Co. Fair

Each year Living With A Cause has a booth at the Scioto County Fair in Ohio. The goal of the booth is to expand awareness in the community of both the ideals and the many worthy endeavors, programs, and causes that LWAC supports.

Demolition Derby

Anderson Evans

Living with a Cause joins in with little 2 year old Anderson Evans who is fighting after brain surgery for Ewing’s.
Sarcoma. Thanks to have a special night at the East- Eastern football game, join us at the ball game letting him
be a co-captain of the team. Nine months of harsh chemo is following.

Please join us to help this family in this battle as he needs mom and dad by his side.

North West School Veteran’s Food Drive

Scioto County School Veteran’s Food Drive

Living With A Cause Founder Mike Gifford thinking the Sciotoville Community public school for Living With A Cause Veterans donations.

It was Amazing watching the students at Sciotoville Community School loading the cans of food donated to veterans and their families. It’s what Living With A Cause is all about.

Lieutenant Colonel Kevin Price who flies the Fighter Jet in the military was the guest speaker at Sciotoville Community School on Veterans Day. The event was celebrating the students bring in some 2000 cans of food for our veterans which distributing .. by Living With A Cause during the Christmas Season

Mike Gifford | Charles Lindsey | Margaret Lindsey

Founder Mike Gifford of Living With A Cause wants to thank everyone that came and wrapped all of the toys …and for putting together all the food baskets. He also would like to thank all of the schools that helped us getting this toghter so we can honor the veterans and their family …GOD BLESS AMERICA…

The Browders’ Merry Christmas Tour

Jessica Swick

What a great event today attending the Honor Society induction for the juniors at…Green High School. Seeing their candles light as they stood sharing their light. This is just the beginning of a bright future. Congratulations Courtney!