Lee Anderson

Middle Image – The heart of our country lives in this man in the center front at West Point. From the bottom of his feet to the top of his head all 6’7″ of Mr. Lee Anderson, Owner/CEO of the API Group Inc. one of Americas leading companies that support America in many various causes. See the API website and let him serve you.  Left Image – Mr. Lee Anderson at the US Chamber of Commerce.  Right Image – Mr. Anderson’s family embodies his spirit of patriotism as they too travel the nation affecting positive change.  Pictured: Joel Goethe-Mr. Anderson Son in law/wife Katharine Anderson Goethe-Lee’s daughter front- Penny Mae front-Lee’s granddaughter daughter of Joel and Katharine Back is Andy Anderson son of Mr. Anderson

Penny Mae Groethe singing the National Anthem.

Charlie Miller

To a young man named Charlie Miller who I was drafted with on December 15th of 1965. We previously passed our physicals and spent the day in Ashland, Kentucky as they called us to duty and at the end of the day we both set on a bench to be called to load up on the bus to go to Fort Knox for boot camp.  A voice that had been calling out names rang out, Mike Gifford, and I got up and went across the room and opened the door and a voice rang out when I was moving thru the door stating, he is not going. The original voice stated I was to go and he was over ruled and the second voice stated for me to go sit down. I went back to the side of Charlie and the voice rang out again Charlie Miller and Charlie got to his feet and went to the door and turned and stated to me, Mike you are so lucky and my reply was I know Charlie. Those were the last words I spoke to Charlie until I stood in The Funeral home in Piketon, Ohio the afternoon after he had been killed, May the 1st of 1967. I can’t explain the atmosphere in those moments together, now thru the years Charlie has become my closest friend of respect who laid down his life for me. I felt he was called in my place.

Charlie had a 1965 fastback Mustang he loved and I always wanted to say thank you. Charlie, today the Mustang is still alive in memory of Charlie and all fallen heroes who defended our country.

A day of memory as you can see Living with a Cause members, Charlie’s Mustang along with Children marched 25 miles that day raising money for Coleman the Navy seal who was raising the funds for children who lost a parent in the war in Iraq or Afghanistan. Thanks to all who participated from our LWAC program and those representing Viking/VFP Fire which is part of the API Group Inc. which has a wounded warrior program and also employees many military people. Each year it is the goal to hire 150-200 new veterans. Children we can see in the picture front to back- Hailey Hammond, her left Zack Ward, pink- Lindsey Ward, green jacket- Courtney Hammond, back- Riley Schneider.

Adults: front left Andy McCleery, President Viking/VFP Fire Systems, red- Angela Ward, sunglasses- Aroma Hammond, right- David Hammond back right Jake Snyder back left Rachel Schneider

Andy McCleery

Andy McCleery, the President of Viking/VFP Fire Systems is staying in touch with his team. All of the people on the court are under his direction in some manner. Andy with his arm in the air represents he is ready to take charge if you get the ball to him. A good lesson to other leaders – Are you in touch with your team? Andy learned some of these values I am sure as a Captain leading his 101st Airborne in Bagdad he was involved with his team in every step of the way. He still is the CAPTAIN!

A salute to a great Leader, A fitting statement for the picture above: A great leader doesn’t mind shoving off when the situation presents itself.

Pictured: Forman-Les Wilson-left, Redshirt-Kevin Miller-Project manager, Arm up-President Andy McCleery, Forman-Mark Miller, Mark Miller II, front center-Mike Gifford

National Guard 1191st Engineering Company

National Guard 1191st Engineer Company

When the 1191st National Guard Engineer Company was deployed to Afghanistan in May of 2014 LWAC members were there to honor and support them and wish them a safe journey until their return.

Forest Hill Military Academy

Forest Hill Military Academy a great place to send our youth.

My experience @ Millersburg with our living with a Cause team and the support of Mr. Lee Anderson has been life changing as we see young people’s lives changed as they are challenged to a higher standard of life. Mr. Lee Anderson’s spirit and preservation of our educational institutions around America, especially military, teaching original values of ethics, honesty, and integrity is his passion.

Mr. Anderson’s passion if we could share it with our country would create a revolution of good that would turn this country around. You can see in the young men arms around each other after tough training at the 2014 boot camp at the Forest Hill Millersburg Academy in Kentucky that they have developed true friendships and they support each other as young people.  Each of them are individual grains of sand climbing the mountain of life from all over the world. training together to learn new skills and friendship that will help them to better understand how to pull this dangerous world together in peace and harmony. We must train our young to work together and live with a Cause.

This young man is learning as his grain of sand grows to be strong , one that can overcome obstacles that face us in life. At the end of this 2 week boot camp, graduation was a great day as this young man and others wore a medal (we did it) in their heart and it will remain in place all of their lives. Millersburg is training young people with a Cause and to Live with a Cause

Carry the Load Project

Pictured above left is Coleman Ruiz the Navy Seal that led the Carry the Load Project that started at West Point New York and ended in Dallas, Texas approximately 1700 miles raising funds for kids who lost love ones in the war naturally our leaders Russ and Andy lead because of who they are . The United States has not just happened as many people has given lives, sacrifice in so many ways so that we are free today. When you allow API/Viking/VFP or any of our other companies you can be assured that allowing us to work for you we invest into it’s people,it’s heroes, it’s programs of support. Check it out

“What a Day to help with someones CAUSE”

While helping others we are actually helping our self as for 25 miles as grueling as it was sometimes up hills and down with traffic, it was helping our health. Some completed 25 miles with blisters to remember the trip. Thanks to our President Andy McCleery, who flew in for this event from Minnesota. Thanks Russ Tate friend of Coleman the Navy Seal for putting it together and David, Josh, Rachel, Aroma, Angela, Len, and some of our children, who could learn how to live with a Cause and the support team of Coleman. (It was nice driving 20 of the 25 miles for me, Heather, A West Point Graduate, Andy’s wife could have put it on all of us who runs the Boston Marathon and others races)


Daniel Lee Miller son of Kevin and AMY our daughter which makes him our grand baby helped carry this wreath to the grave of Charlie Miller, the young man I was drafted with in Piketon, Ohio. Charlie died in the war and we @ LWAC continue to live on with his cause. Our hope is by writing this Daniel will along with our children and grandchildren will carry our cause. 2014 this wreath LWAC purchased being a supporter of Wreaths across America.

In memory of Jonathan Etterling

Locally Bill and Kay Etterling have a special reason for lighting up their house as a memorial of honor to son Jonathan who gave his life in 2005 along with 31 other brave soldiers on a special mission when the helicopter they were in was downed in Iraq. We at Living with a Cause never want to forget all the heroes and live on with a cause for them. Jonathan on his way to boot camp gave the food prepared by his family away to a street person. It is the desire of LWAC to feed the needy and give a youth a scholarship thru donations to deserving people in memory of Jonathan. Thanks to the Etterlings not letting the memory of our heroes fade, but remember them by lighting up their house.

A Look into the Living With A Cause Veteran’s Day concert.

Living With A Cause Founder, Mike Gifford, honors Master SGT. Charles Lindsey and the veterans… our American Heroes… 2015

Later in the evening veteran’s were entertained by the music of Foundation, Russ Pruitt, and Mary Lou Gulley.   Videos of their performances are above.