Christmas with the Veterans 2017

---- ( Christmas with the Veterans 2017 ) ---- Thanks for everyone supporting this LWAC event; What a great event at the Friends Center on Friday evening December 23rd 2017 honoring [...]

Veteran’s Day 2017

An American Hero’s Mustang- Charlie Miller Vietnam Veteran. This video pays respect to Charlie and all other American veterans and active military on veteran’s day. Thank you! Make sure to [...]

Community Fair with Mike Gifford for API/Viking/VFP

Following, are great students from the Green Bobcats at a community fair who came by to learn about API/Viking/VFP Fire and Living With A Cause, as well as other community programs. Thanks young people, Kevin, [...]

Tribute to Michael Combs

On April 29th & 30th the Living With A Cause Theatre hosted Michael Combs for his Benefit & Recovery Concert.   This video is a tribute to Michael, and a way of saying thank you. Thanks [...]

Solidarity of a Nation

What a successful night supporting our law enforcement, fire fighters, and first responders. And thanks to all that supported it and to Living With A Cause founder, Mike Gifford. “Living with a Cause” [...]

LWAC – Roaring Twenties w/ Lee Anderson

Lee and Penny: Special things happen in life and last week was an event Bernadine and I will never forget. The Anderson Museum, the boat collection, car museum, and your personal trophies that you exhibit [...]