What a successful night supporting our law enforcement, fire fighters, and first responders.
And thanks to all that supported it and to Living With A Cause founder, Mike Gifford.

“Living with a Cause” is proud to announce the following:

We, at Living with a Cause and in the Tri-State area, shall honor
our Tri-State area’s State Patrol, Sheriff’s Department, City Police, First Responders,
and other agencies that support our communities and Nation.

This event occured at the “Living with a Cause” Theatre on Monday, July 18, 2016.
We are humbled to show you our support for doing your jobs honorably.

You fulfill your obligation to keep our Nation safe without being accused of wrongful abuse,
which is a great achievement as you work for solidarity. Though 62 of your fellow law enforcement
comrades lives have been taken across America in 2016, you continue to keep your integrity as your
fearlessness in serving under dangerous conditions is observed.

Our local agencies have operated fairly in their duty to serve our communities. Citizens obeying the
law are respected and those breaking the law are dealt with honorably, keeping our communities safe.

While the United States enforcement agencies are under such scrutiny and pressure, it is the duty of
our organization, LWAC, to support our law enforcement agencies.

We would like to also say that the law enforcing agencies are the heart of America’s strength,
keeping us safe as we sleep or as we travel the roads. Without you, our Nation would be in a
catastrophic situation of lawlessness.

At this event, we will have the military honoring their partners in keeping the wellbeing of our Nation.

This event will be sent to our newspaper, the Huntington TV stations, and the radio stations,
as well as other media sources. This event is only an event of honor within our communities for
those who support it and lead by example.