An American Hero’s Mustang- Charlie Miller Vietnam Veteran. This video pays respect to Charlie and all other American veterans and active military on veteran’s day. Thank you! Make sure to watch this in HD!

Listen to the full song about the American soldier. Take 3 minutes of your life and thank our men and women and the multitude of graves that the past heroes state don’t let our dying be in vain. Keep America free. Americas friend Living with a Cause.

America must always remember we we are a proud nation under GOD and we are the United States of America. Never again to make the mistake of being divided against ourselves. Living With a Cause still believes those that died for our country their blood cries out from the ground, peace. Go to Gettysburg and march the field and stand over the nameless graves and read the Gettysburg address about CAUSE and a nation under GOD. It is a great day live it to the fullest! Honor someone.